Our purpose is to Unleash Commerce, Empowering Dreams Across East Africa

We unite millions of buyers and sellers across the East African Community, empowering individuals and fostering economic opportunities for all. Snap Pay Solutions serves as the vital e-commerce plugin, seamlessly connecting merchants and customers, revolutionizing online transactions and commerce throughout the East African region.

Within the vibrant markets of the East African Community, Snap Pay Solutions serves as the nexus where millions come together, bridging the realms of online and offline commerce. Our e-commerce plugin facilitates the creation, sale, and purchase of distinctive goods, providing a seamless platform for merchants across the region. Additionally, we provide an extensive array of Seller Services and tools, empowering creative entrepreneurs to initiate, streamline, and expand their businesses.

Our mission is to redefine commerce, envisioning a world that is more gratifying and enduring. Committed to leveraging the influence of business, we strive to fortify communities and empower individuals. Snap Pay Solutions is dedicated to reshaping the landscape of commerce in the East African Community, fostering fulfillment, and contributing to lasting positive change.


The Founder

Dickson Mutuma, the founder of Snap Pay Solutions, brings a unique blend of expertise in software development and the banking sector. With a background as a Software Developer and experience as a Transactional Banking, his dual proficiency has played a pivotal role in shaping Snap Pay Solutions. Dickson's visionary approach extends to addressing challenges in cross-border ecommerce. His insights, as seen in his commitment to solving problems within the financial landscape and fostering financial inclusion across the East African Community. As a co-founder, he actively contributes to the platform's development, aiming to provide seamless and cost-effective solutions for merchants in the region.

Executive Leadership

Here is the team at the helm of the ship

George Gathoni
Martin Koome
Business Development

Our Services

We enable E-commerce innovation. From ideation all the way through to market delivery.

Regional Delivery
Delivery to the last Mile through our networks of courier services.
Secure Payment
Pay with popular and secure
payment method i.e., Snap Pay.
Daily Deals
Items you love at prices that
fit your budget
24Hrs Return Policy
Merchandise must be returned within 24 Hrs to Merchants.
International Brands
Big savings on your favourite

Investors & Partners

Big ideas need visionary backers.

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